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Kirsty Godso

Fitness and physical activity has always played a large role in Kirsty’s life. Born into a family with both parents playing golf at the professional level, she was encouraged to play a variety of sports. This passion evolved into a career where Kirsty, a master trainer, works one-on-one with high end clientele and provides fitness advice online via her social media.

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“Recovery is the amplifier to our success! If we don't have the ability to recover then all the work we're doing in the gym or in our sports can become pointless. We're in an incredibly fortunate time to have access to more information and equipment to help us recover better and faster so there really is no excuse not to treat your body with the utmost respect. “ - Kirsty Godso

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With a lifestyle that consists of training 7 days a week and traveling around the world, Kirsty must have recovery tools available on the go. In her words PowerDot, “is incredibly easy to travel with and because of that I always know I can get to recovery - even on a flight”

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PowerDot will help your body perform better, recover faster, and feel it’ best. With a intuitive mobile app and 10+ preset programs, PowerDot provides access to world class muscle stimulation. Enhance your journey through health & wellness, and experience the world’s smartest muscle performance and recovery tool. Let’s get started.

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PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator™ connects via Bluetooth™ to a simple yet intuitive mobile app. Use the app to target specific body parts and apply world class muscle stimulation. Clinically proven, pain-free, and FDA cleared - It’s that simple.


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