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How It Works

Smart Muscle Stimulation

The Science Behind PowerDot

PowerDot uses scientifically proven, FDA-cleared neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to deliver low-frequency electrical signals that gently contract the muscle groups you want to target. Activating your muscles with NMES gets your body’s lymphatic system flowing and increases blood flow to help you feel better faster.

Trusted Technology with Improved Delivery.

If you’ve ever needed rehabilitation or physical therapy for strains, pains or breaks, you’ve most likely experienced NMES as part of your treatment plan. PowerDot takes the same trusted technology doctors, physical therapists and athletes have used for decades and gives you all the benefits of NMES anytime you want, everywhere you go.

PowerDot for Performance, Recovery and Wellness

PowerDot’s programmed contractions are designed to prepare muscles for physical activity, heighten muscle activation during a workout and flush out muscles post-training to prevent injury, improve performance, speed up recovery and enhance overall wellbeing.


● Achieve goals faster
● Prepare muscles for physical activity before a workout
● Improve performance and muscle strength
● Heighten muscle activation during a workout
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● Flush out muscles post-training to prevent injury
● Recover quicker from injuries and soreness
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● Maintain overall well-being
● Prevent injuries
● Avoid general wear and tear
● Massage muscles gently to reduce tension
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