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Powerdot is the solution for any active person who is looking for stronger results and better recovery for their muscles.

Powerdot uses electrical muscle stimulation to activate your muscle fibers so you can get stronger and recover faster. Use an app on your mobile phone to initiate and control your workouts. You select the muscle groups you want to target and an impulse is sent to the pods that causes your muscles to activate. It’s that simple.

Get better
results — faster
Powerdot does a better job activating your muscles than just traditional workouts.
14 muscle groups. Boost muscle strength, power, and endurance. Speed post training recovery.
Enjoy targeted
Customize your training to target the muscle groups you rely on the most.
Improve muscle tone and definition. Reduce muscle soreness. Warm up safely. Relax muscles with massage.


An American female weightlifter, competing in the 69 kg category and representing United States at international competitions.

Martha Ann Rogers

An American female weightlifter, competing in the 69 kg category and representing Unites States at international competitions.

Powerdot is wireless, compact and featherweight. This allows it to be worn in comfort, even during workouts.

  • FDA Cleared
  • 510k
The Powerdot muscle stimulator is pain free and
customizable to suit your needs.
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Powerdot App

Workout sessions are initiated and controlled via a companion mobile app available on iPhone and Android

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Powerdot Workouts

Powerdot comes with a host of 9 preset programs aimed at athletes and sports enthusiasts of any level.

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What is electrical
muscle stimulation?

EMS or neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) uses electric impulses to cause a muscle to contract. This contraction causes the muscle to get stronger. Scientists have proven the value of EMS as a complementary training technique. Most athletes have experienced EMS as a rehabilitation tool at physical therapy. Individuals can now take advantage of the strength training benefits of EMS with consumer-friendly devices like Powerdot.

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