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Win a trip for two to

One lucky winner and a friend will get to sit ringside to watch the highly anticipated ‘Collision 2’ kickboxing fight including travel & stay.

Who will you be taking?

The Grand Prize:

You and a friend will receive the experience of a lifetime when you attend the biggest fight in kickboxing history, Collision 2, as VIP guests. You and that friend will also receive a PowerDot DUO so you can take advantage of the Long Haul Flight program on your way over to Netherlands. The Grand Prize includes the following:

• Two (2) floor tickets to Glory Kickboxing's 'Collision 2' featuring Rico Verhoeven & Badr Hari on December 21, 2019

• Two (2) VIP Lounge Experiences at 'Collision 2'

• Roundtrip airfare for two (2) to Netherlands & hotel accommodations

• Two (2) PowerDot 2.0 DUOs

• Two (2) Signed event posters & Glory Merch Packages: gloves, wrist wraps, shorts, mouthpiece, and more

Five (5) Runner Up Prizes: Five runners-up will each receive one (1) PowerDot 2.0 DUO & (1) Glory merch package

How to enter:

Every purchase of a PowerDot 2.0 Smart Muscle Stimulator™ (Uno, Duo, or Pro Bundle) using the code GLORY will qualify you for one (1) entry into sweepstakes. Follow instructions in post purchase email to officially enter.

Black Friday Special Offer: 25% Off with code GLORY

Winner will be selected at random on or around 12/04/2019. This sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the (50) United States, England, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands, France and Germany who are eighteen (18) or older at the time of the entry.

Smart Muscle Stimulation

Introducing PowerDot, the world's smartest muscle recovery & training tool. Used by the world's best fighters, like Troy "Trouble" Jones, Smart Muscle Stimulation sends electrical signals into the muscle to cause muscle contractions. These contractions help speed up recovery, reduce training fatigue, and relieve pain. So whether you are training for your next fight, traveling the world, or stuck behind a desk all day - PowerDot can help elevate your life. Get started today with code GLORY for 25% off and a chance to win.

Customer Testimonials


Best Invention Ever!

There are plenty of stim machines out there but NO ONE has nailed it like Power Dot has. It's small, easy to use, APP BASED AND wireless. Lots of juice in these bad boys, too. HIGHLY recommended.


Great Recovery Tool

I bought the PowerDot to enchance the recovery process and it’s been working out great so far! Everytime I use PowerDot on the muscle group that has been fatigued, I wake up with minimum soreness and my performance has been getting better week over week.


Game Changer

After repeated recommendations I finally pulled the trigger and picked up a powerdot. As a 40+ year old strength coach that still tries to train like a powerlifter the powerdot has been a key piece to daily recovery that I've been missing out on for too long. I couldn't be more satisfied with the purchase!


CrossFit Mom

I wanted to get one for my sore back and because since my c-section 20 months ago my abs don’t engage. I have been using the power dot on my abs a lot and I have noticed a significant difference in Their strength! I am very excited about this!


Great Device

I have consistently used my PowerDot for three weeks and reduced my recovery and improved my overall strength training. With the ability to recover quicker, I can do more and not feel like I am being put under more stress.


PowerDot 2.0

I absolutely LOVE the PowerDot 2.0! I have legitimately used it everyday since I've received it and have noticed significant differences in soreness after a workout and recovery.

PowerDot 2.0 Uno

Starting at €199

30-day Money Back Guarantee & 1-year warranty

Free shipping from our Rotterdam warehouse

PowerDot® is the world's smartest muscle recovery & performance tool. Read more...

The Smart Muscle Stimulator connects via Bluetooth® to an intuitive mobile app that controls 10+ muscle stimulation programs designed to help you:

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How PowerDot works

Improve recovery: Increased blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients into the tissue
Supplement Training: PowerFul muscle contractions stress the muscle and force adaptations without putting load on the joints.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses electrical impulses to elicit muscle contractions. These impulses are sent from the PowerDot 2.0, through electrodes on the skin, and into the muscle in a completely non-invasive way. These pain-free contractions work as a large pump pushing blood and nutrients through the tissue, and helping reduce the inflammation that causes pain. Additionally, these contractions work to strengthen the muscles by stressing it much like a workout without putting any load on the tendons or ligaments.

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Applications and uses

• Reduce training fatigue
• Increase strength & endurance
• Relieve soft tissue pain
• Prevent & rehab injuries

The intuitive PowerDot App allows you to directly focus on over 30 different body parts. Simply select the body part of your choice, the pre-designed program that best suits your needs, apply the PowerDot 2.0 to your skin, and control the intensity of your workout directly from your phone.

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Trusted & proven technology

• EMS has been used by sports & medical professionals since the early 1960’s
• PowerDot is FDA cleared, and patented technology

EMS was initially used in sports training and found it could improve the strength of elite athletes by up to 40%. In the early 1970’s, it was adopted by Western sports science and incorporated into the training of athletes, recovery of soft tissue, and to reduce pain caused by injury or illness.

With PowerDot, this technology is finally available to the general public in an easy-to-use, hands-free, and completely safe device for use at home.

Official Rules

Winner will be selected at random on or around 12/04/2019. This sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the (50) United States, England, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands, France and Germany who are eighteen (18) or older at the time of the entry. *No purchase necessary. Click here for Official Rules and how to enter without making a purchase.