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"If you want to be a legitamate athlete and you want to recover the most efficient way, this is what is going to help"

- Josh Bridges
Navy Seal & Professional Athlete

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Smart Muscle Stimulation

PowerDot is a mobile app controlled muscle stimulator designed to improve muscle recovery and performance. Simply connect to your mobile device and control ten preset programs from the PowerDot App. It has never been this easy to keep your muscles healthy and functioning.


PowerDot uses tested & proven muscle stimulation technology to activate your muscles. Effectively warm up, increase strength and endurance, reduce soreness, and feel better with the most advanced tool on the market.


Unlike other muscle therapy tools, PowerDot is controlled by an intuitive mobile app. Gain access to world class therapy without the doctor's visits or user manuals slowing you down.

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PowerDot 2.0 Uno

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PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator™ connects via Bluetooth™ to a simple yet intuitive mobile app. Use the app to target specific body parts and apply world class muscle stimulation. Clinically proven, pain-free, and FDA cleared - It’s that simple.


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Note: The PowerDot 2.0 UNO cannot be paired with a PowerDot 1.0 UNO

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