PowerDot® signs all-pro cornerback Patrick Peterson

PowerDot® signs all-pro cornerback Patrick Peterson

CARLSBAD, Calif. Aug, 6 2020 /PRNewswire/ – PowerDot, the world's first mobile and wearable smart muscle stimulation device, today announces its partnership with professional football superstar Patrick Peterson. The 8 time Pro-Bowler and 3 time All-Pro has joined to bring awareness and educate athletes about PowerDot’s therapeutic benefits of EMS (electronic muscle stimulation). The perennial Pro-Bowler hopes to use his past experiences to help share with athletes of all walks of life the importance of taking the necessary steps to not only maintain your body, but also improve performance on the field.

“The technology is one I am familiar with but it has never been more accessible than it is today. The Power 2.0 does not leave my side. The difference between the way I used EMS in the past and the way I use it today is significant. In the past I would look to use this only by designation of a professional. The PowerDot App allows me to not only create specific programs for my body's needs, but it also educates me on why and how it is benefiting my body. It’s an absolute game changer”.

PowerDot is the fastest growing brand in its category and recently launched its second-generation product, PowerDot 2.0, which allows users to personalize their experience and track their data all in one place. Peterson joins PowerDot’s authentic roster of ambassadors the likes of professional cyclist Lawson Craddock, Olympian and World Champion hurdler Georganne Moline, former U.S. Navy Seal and four-time CrossFit Games veteran Josh Bridges, and 3-time PGA tour winner Scott Stallings.

"PowerDot was founded as a way to bring a modality that was once reserved for those that had the resources, to the masses," said Eric Glader, PowerDot founder and CEO. "We are honored to partner with such an inspiring and authentic team of elite athletes and professionals to strengthen our innovation and growth."

EMS benefits range from increased performance and injury prevention to recovery, muscle balance and natural pain relief. Historically this beneficial treatment has only been available to elite athletes via expensive machines, but PowerDot's wireless, compact and lightweight features make it accessible to the everyday consumer. To learn more about PowerDot, please visit www.powerdot.com.

About PowerDot
PowerDot is the world's first mobile and wearable smart muscle stimulation device; a powerful training and recovery tool that puts the therapeutic benefits of EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) at your fingertips. EMS uses electrical impulses to cause the contraction of targeted muscle groups. Used by elite athletes, professional trainers and physical therapists for decades, PowerDot now brings the proven benefits of EMS to everyone seeking increased performance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall health. Linked to your Apple or Android smartphone with a dedicated app, PowerDot is an easy-to-use wireless system optimized for the modern mobile lifestyle. To learn more, please visit www.powerdot.com.


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